When Wypipo Twitter Get Butt Hurt


This is a rant. An angry rant. So if you are a “wyperson” and you’re easily butt hurt, Do Not Read.

So, yesterday, while preparing to release a new episode of my podcast And SH*t! I was about to take to Twitter to discover that our Twitter page had been SUSPENDED. WTF?!

I was immediately taken aback by the discovery and couldn’t for the life of me understand why Twitter would suspend us. We are just a comedy talk podcast of two best friends recording our weekly random phone calls. What’s the harm in that?

The tweets on our page are snippets, blasts, funny memes, and convos with our embarrassingly few followers — we’re still newbies OK — about the episode. Everything has been absolutely great in Twitterland that is until we waxed poetically political. Yes, political — and we do so poetically.

Our ordinary podcast convos are humorous and lighthearted as we talk about the crazy happenings in our lives, stories from our pasts, and our shared experiences together. It’s pretty damn funny to me. Well, guess what, we are Black too, and because we are Black sometimes subject matters arise in our conversation that directly affects us like… ummmmm RACISM. Unfortunately for us, racism it’s not an experience we can avoid, ignore, or refurbish and sell as something less offensive and easily digestible to the oft butt hurt wyperson.

Racism can’t be repackaged and served to fit a bland palate.

Yet when Black people speak about racism it is typically by the hands of… wypipo. 🤷 You can’t have orange juice without oranges right? Every other form is just a Tropicana knock-off.

You may ask, “What are Wypipo?”

Wypipo is a social media safe term for butt hurt white people who don’t like bringing attention to systemic racism and the inherent privilege it provides at the expense of people of color on social media platforms such as FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

So how do you know if you are a “Wyperson?”

  1. Does hearing that you have undue privilege make you queasy?
  2. Does hearing the words race and racism automatically make your head spin like a possessed person at mass?
  3. Do you find yourself wanting to change the topic when it comes to race, bias, and prejudice?
  4. Do you believe being reminded of racism’s prevalence is a form of reverse racism?
  5. Have you ever said racism is a thing of the past and folks should stop talking about it?
  6. Does this post make you feel some kinda way about yourself?

If you gut answered yes to any of these questions then you may be a “wyperson.”

So, back to my podcast And Sh*t!

When it comes to our podcast, we may enter personal and touchy territory, but we do so with humor, in truth and honesty, and we do so, as Michael Jackson would have said, “with love.” Never have we once been malicious, bigoted, prejudiced, or threatening towards anyone. We don’t use hate speech, because guess what, we don’t hate. We aren’t racists but we have discussed racism because it happens to us. We most certainly have never tweeted anything of the kind because that’s not in the spirit in which we live nor love.

Some of my closest family are wypipo.

So we wrote Twitter Support to ask why our account was suspended? This was their response.

What the natural hair fuck?!

Abuse? Harassment? Intimidation? Fear? Silencing?

When have we ever tweeted anything of the kind? Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine being accused of the such. I was baffled — completely.

So, after my pure bout of bebafflement — I know that’s not a word but it should be — I scoured our past posts to see if maybe something was posted that was breaking the rules. 148 Tweets… something must be hiding in the haystack right? Well, this is what I found.


  1. Used the term “White Girl Wasted” and “Colored Pancakes” in an episode title. Shouldn’t have said, White.
  2. Quoted a waitress in Vegas who said, “Well obviously that’s a white hair and all our cooks are colored.” Well, it was a true story.
  3. Mentioned the name Trump. “How many #Trump breathers are we allowed?”
  4. Mentioned the first amendment? “Exercising our #FirstAmendment Rights.” How dare we?!
  5. Mentioned “the sounds of #HarleyDavidson(s).” Maybe they’re a targeted minority group?
  6. Said, “OMG, @QLenear @AndShitwQandM, I can’t breathe.” But not even in reference to Eric Garner. Not a #BLM moment.
  7. Said, “We’re so proud to celebrate these AMAZING #creatorsofcolor!” Too much color talk? Color is a threat.
  8. Reposted a Blativity article, “Georgia politician RESIGNS after yelling ‘n****r’ and literally showing his ass on television.” There we go again, calling out the R word.
  9. Retweeted a story about LeBron James setting up a STEM program. Maybe Black empowerment is a violation of Twitter rules? J. Edgar Hoover must have flagged us.
  10. Posted “NEW episode! Q and Monie discuss gentrification, White Flight, Black Flight, and ethnic displacement. The hilarious duo tops it off with a horrendous cover of Ebony & Ivory by #Paulmccartney & #Steviewonder.” Ahhhhh, gentrification… so racist of us.

So out of 148 tweets and retweets, that’s all I could find that could even faintly, loosely, thinly, barely, by the skin of one’s teeth, be considered violating. I have also compiled a list of possible trigger words and phrases for the Butt Hurt found among these tweets.


  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Colored
  4. Trump
  5. First Amendment
  6. Harley Davidson?
  7. Breathe
  8. Of Color
  9. LeBron James
  10. Gentrification
  11. White Flight
  12. Ethnic Displacement
  13. Paul McCartney (for good measure)

So I am only left to the conclusion that we have been trolled by the butt hurt and if we haven’t been trolled by the butt hurt, then the program Twitter uses to find violations has the programming of the butt hurt. Meanwhile, we have a president, Alt right white supremacist, Roseanne Barr, and you name it, who are directly targeting racial, gender, and religious minorities daily, saying some of the most offensive and threatening things across Twitter without a spank on the hand.

Wypipo have lost their ever-hating minds on social media. Gone #Wypipofolkcrazy.

And Sh*t!’s only goal has been to provide a moment of laughter, relief, and to sometimes look at these issues and discuss them in an honest and truthful manner for ALL people. Yet our voices have been the ones to be “silenced” by Twitter who have allowed others to “harass, intimidate, and threaten us” by reporting false violations simply for being #Blackwhiletweeting or this was done by Twitter themselves.A major #Twitterfail.

So f#@k the Twittlice!

And Sh*t! is also available on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play, and Soundcloud.

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